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Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance Classes - Starlight Dance Studio San Diego

Hip hop dance is a wildly popular, contemporary form of modern dance performed to hip hop and house music which has evolved and developed as a component of hip hop culture.

At Starlight Dance Studio, we offer several hip hop dance classes with our professional hip hop instructors. Our experienced and professional hip hop instructors are well respected and experienced within the San Diego hip hop community.

We offer several hip hop dance classes in San Diego for dancers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. Classes are open to singles, couples, and groups as well as private lessons. Be sure to have a look at our class schedule for out full list of hip hop classes and other dance classes.

Ballet Dance

Ballet is a classical form of dance that requires athleticism and dedication from its practitioners. The style originated during the Renaissance period, but today is universally recognized for its beauty and refinement.

At Starlight Dance Studio in San Diego, we offer a wide range of ballet classes for all ages and skill levels. Ballet is an excellent way to introduce young dancers to the art of dance as it is well suited to beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Our professional San Diego adult ballet classes and ballet instructors have many years of experience working with students or all ages. Our classes are designed to introduce terminology and fundamentals for the new dancers while addressing correct technical theories. Be sure to look at our class schedule to find the class times that suit you best.

Ballet Dance Classes - Starlight Dance Studio San Diego

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance - Starlight Dance Studio San Diego

Jazz dance is an especially American style of dance that developed in the early 20th century as a direct result of blues and subsequently jazz styles of music and the unique cultures that surrounded them. The form began as African American dance expressionism and developed over time into informal and street variations which have been refined and celebrated on Broadway and elsewhere.

At Starlight Dance Studio in San Diego, we offer Jazz dance group classes for students of all skill levels. Our professional jazz instructors are highly trained and experienced in teaching people of all ages and dance experience.

Students can participate in our exciting group jazz classes, or- if you’re a bit shy- choose private lessons. Our experienced and professional dance instructors are dedicated to helping every student accomplish their goal and have fun doing so. Be sure to check our class schedule for class times.

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