West Coast Swing – Unique Technique


Unique Technique by Michael Kielbasa and Jennifer Deluca Basic/Intermediate West Coast Swing Michael and Jennifer compete and teach together on the National West Coast Swing Circuit. Their background consists of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet. They have meshed both of their unique styles of dance to create a look of their own. On this DVD, Michael and Jennifer teach you how to “jazz up” your basics with cool embelishments, angles and syncopations. Running Time: 55 Min Section 1 * Details of Connection * Resistance and Compression Section 2 * Lateral Connection * Rotational Connection Section 3 * Sugar Push * Underarm Turn * Left Side Pass * Whip * Starter Step Section 4 * Introduction to Stalls * Slides * Leg Lifts * Intro to Tap Steps * Sides * Cross in Front * Back and across with slide to side Section 5 * Intro to Triple Steps * In front * Forward and across * Straight back