West Coast Swing – Paramount Patterns


Paramount Patterns by Michael Kielbasa and Jennifer Deluca Intermediate to Advanced West Coast Swing Michael and Jennifer compete and teach together on the National West Coast Swing Circuit. Their background consists of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet. They have meshed both of their unique styles of dance to create a look of their own. Running Time: 55 Min Section 1 * Right Basic with Inside roll * Whip with armslide, illusion turn * Inside whip with closed elbow lock pivots to slide Section 2 * Closed starter with grapevine and traveling inside roll * Leader's hammerlock into follower's duck out * Windmill Switch Section 3 * Closed Basic, Head loop to leader's spring * Inside Rill to ring around Shadow * Circular Sugar Push Section 4 * Starter step with hand toss, roll * Sugar check with turning anchor * Switch to rock back