West Coast Swing -HOT MOVES – Volume 1


Instruction for Advanced Dancers – Hot Moves, Steps and Patterns This series covers the latest showy and fun advanced patterns seen at competitions and social dances. Students should have experience in the dances because basic technique is not covered. “HOT MOVES” – West Coast Swing – Volume 1 by Michael Kiehm & Brandi Northup Popular patterns useful in Jack and Jill contests and social dancing Part One/light and shade timing * Closed basic, quick telemark, 2 swivels & throw out * Sugar with hook and slide and criss cross triple tap * Under arm pass with press breaks * Sugar push with hitches, stutter breaks and scoops * Whip with an inside roll to overturned press away * Swivel to under arm pass Part Two * Basic, tuck, underarm pass ended with two hand hold * 2 hand wrap and unwrap with hand changes above * Cross hand inside whip to a L-L reverse sweetheart * Advanced Yo-Yo from behind the back (2 sets) * Free spin to closed pick-up (spring or picture) Part Three * Double tuck release * Hand change to shadow tuck and tandem roll * R-R inside roll to check and reverse spin to pot stir * Quick reverse spin to 4 hammerlock prance walks * Free spin with floor sweep rondés Part Four * Closed basic with overhead release, end with two hands * Two hand barrel roll on the left to sweetheart on the right * Quick release with ladies walk-away swivel * Cross body opposition spins to open facing position * Whip with double rondés into double ripples down

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