Waltz “Introduction to Ballroom Dancing” – Bronze (Beginning)


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“Introduction to Ballroom Dancing” – Bronze (Beginning) Waltz by Michael & Dawne Kiehm 60min Part One (Basic Concepts) * Dance Positions * Timing * Footwork * Rise and Fall * Swing & Sway * Alignment * Amount of Turn Part Two (First Sequence with Concepts) * Progressive Basic * Left Box Turn * Twinkle * Forward Balance and Back 1/2 of Left Box Part Three (Second Sequence with Separation Concepts) * Left Box Turn with Ladies Underarm Walk * Forward Spin and Open side Balance * Ladies Walk-Around Turn to Closed Side Balance Part Four (Third Sequence with Picture Step) * Spirals * Outside Partner Check and Developé * Balance Turn Left with Syncopated Outside Roll Part Five (Fourth Sequence with Introduction to the Silver (Int.Level) * Whisk * Chasse from Promenade (End Closed or in Promenade) * 1/2 Right Box * Spin Turn and Back 1/2 Left Box