Waltz Hot Moves 1


American Waltz Hot Moves 1 by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) Advanced Performance Level Part One * Hover to promenade * Progressive chasse syncopated hair pin * Outside spin to pivot and same foot lunge * Swing step w/outside roll Part two * Hover to promenade * Open right turn * Chassé to back open over * Cross body to fencing check * Pull back to shadow * Tellemark spin, Telle balance turn * Outside roll * Check developé * Inside roll to box Part Three * Fall away slip pivot * Tellemark * Kick through and layback * Standing spin * Outside rill to two hand double rondés * Wrap to sweetheart * Cross body inside roll release Part Four * Traveler w/ double syncopated spin * Cross body spin * Right to right open break to double rondés * Woman around man * Right to right attitude spin to same foot lunge

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