Tango, American Style – Intermediate Level (Silver)


Tango, American Style – Intermediate Level (Silver) by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) This one-hour lesson is clearly explained for intermediate dancers. Intermediate (Silver) is our most popular level – and covers patterns that everyone finds easy and memorable. This video is perfect for students (and teachers) who wish to build (or teach) solid technical foundations. Smooth variations with an emphasis on timing, syncopation, footwork, and technique; patterns grouped in sections that can be mixed and matched Part 1 * Basic walk, skip chassé to promenade * Promenade walk, * link & fallaway with chasse to challenge * slip to closed position Part 2 * Basic walk, release to open two hand hold * open break, pull to sweetheart (release to shadow) * Shadow step points, cross body to fan * Fan, quick contra check, link to promenade Part 3 * Basic walk, la puerta, pivot to challenge * Reverse check walks * Slip to left whisk, release to open crescendo * Matador switch and end with basic fan Part 4 * Promenade walk, Doble cruz * Wrap to sweetheart, wheel kicks * Left roll to goncho, mill swivels

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