Tango, American Style – Hot Moves Volume 1


Tango, American Style – Hot Moves Volume 1 by Michael Kiehm & Brandi Tobias (Northrup) Part 1 * Walk, Link to promenade, pivot, outside roll * Grapevine & snap to outside partner position * Basic walk outside partner, lock & switch * Double syncopated spin, open crescendo * Roll back into closed for corté Part 2 * Basic to promenade & drumbeat syncopation * Outside spin & hand change behind the back * R-R rondé and lady around man w/shadow switch * shadow wheel kicks, cross body to fan position Part 3 * Roll to shadow from fan * Grapevine than fence & point in shadow * Two Tellemarks in shadow position Part 4 * Basic walk, Fallaway slip * Double reverse spin with overspin * Left whisk, roll to open crescendo (elbow catch) * Roll to closed for throw-away oversway * Switch to same foot lunge

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