Tango, American Style – Basic Level (Bronze)


Tango, American Style – Basic Level (Bronze) by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) This one-hour lesson is clearly explained for beginning dancers and is designed to get you dancing and having fun quickly. Basic timing, compression, technique, and staccato movement for this passionate Latin ballroom dance. Part 1 * Basics of the dance…. o Dance position, o Leg action, o Frame, o Styling * Basic walk, Tango close * Outside partner walk, Tango close * Basic walk, rocking steps * Basic walk, linking steps Part 2 * Promenade position technique * Promenade walk, Tango close * Promenade walk, release to El Matador * Basic Fan to close, Tango close Part 3 * Basic walk, outside fan (La Puerta) * Basic walk, circle rocks * Closed fans (Cobra fans)

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