Tango, American Style – Advanced Level (Gold)


Tango, American Style – Advanced Level (Gold) by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) Competitive-level syllabus figures including dynamic picture steps, rondes, sensuous Spanish drags, and advanced syncopations. Part 1 * Basic walk, fallaway to oversway * recover & switch to challenge and right lunge * Spanish drag and link to promenade Part 2 * Basic walk, cross swivel, promenade to hairpin * Cross body outside roll, 2 hand check, developé Part 3 * Promenade into outside spin * Rondé and woman around man * Double roll to L-R open break * Pull to leg crawl, slip and tango close Part 4 * Promenade lock turn, fallaway, open tellemark * Promenade flick and link to close & contra check * Slip to double flick rondés & twist to promenade

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