Spins and Turns


Spins and Turns – Volume 1 by Michael Kiehm & Tobias (Northrup) An introduction to pivot turns, traveling spins, stationary spins, and ways to get more than one turn out of a spin Part 1 * Difference between Spins and Turns * Concepts for controlled spins and turns with; o Balance o Centering o Foot position o Posture o Prepping o Lead and follow techniques o Connection * Basic exercises to improve spins * Applications for basic turns in Swing, Hustle, Salsa, & Cha Cha Part 2 Spinning applications for: West Coast Swing * Advanced shadow tuck and spin * Advanced wax on, wax off w/spins * Whip w/outside rolls Salsa * Forearm push spin * Cross body w/inside spin Hustle * Four count spin * Four count forearm push spin

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