Samba American Style – Intermediate/Advanced Level


American Style Samba – Intermediate/Advanced Level by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) This one-hour lessons is clearly explained for advanced dancers. This advanced video places more emphasis on technique, leading, following, and styling. This video is perfect for students (and teachers) who wish to build (or teach) solid technical foundations. Advanced styling and figures for performing, competing or high level social dancing Part 1 * Left turning basic into closed rocks * Back swivels * Backwards bota fogos * Left turning basic to end Part 2 * Open break. * Spin whips (2) * Right turning basic to paulistas * Shadow bota fogos. * Compression * May pole voltas ended with basic whisk Part 3 * Left turning basic with samba rolls * Ladies underarm and cross body lead * Traveling bota fogos (3) * Hand rocks (3) * Left to left, right underarm to head loop pick-up * Single paulista ending Part 4 * Whisk with ladies under arm to promenade * Samba walks in promenade to fake-n-breaks * Back circle voltas ended with basic whisk

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