Samba American Style – Basic/Intermediata Level


American Style Samba – Basic/Intermediata Level by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) This one-hour lesson is clearly explained for beginning dancers and will get you dancing and having fun quickly. Basic timing, footwork, and patterns (stationary and traveling) for this festive and earthy Latin dance Part 1 * Basics of the dance o Position, o Timing, o Footwork, o Rise & Fall * Forward and back basic….. * whisk….. * Under arm turn * Samba walks in promenade Part 2 * Side Samba walk from promenade * Back voltas in promenade * Forward voltas in promenade * Traveling bota fogos * Campaso box Part 3 * Paulistas * Samba box turning left * Ladies underarm turn to shadow bota fogos * Criss cross voltas

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