Rumba, American Style – Intermediate/Avanced Level


Rumba, American Style – Intermediate/Avanced Level by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) This one-hour lesson is clearly explained for intermediate to advanced dancers. It covers patterns that everyone finds easy and memorable as well as placing more emphasis on technique, leading, following, and styling. This video is perfect for students (and teachers) who wish to build (or teach) solid technical foundations. Additional patterns for social and competitive dancers; Cuban hip movement, arms and body styling for this popular social dance Part 1 * Box extended * Fallaway vine to outside partner swivels * Circle basic into single rope spin * Open cucarachas into basic box Part 2 * Box extended * Open break, inside pick-up * spot turn to double rope spin * woman around man to snap back position Part 3 * Double syncopated cross body to right lunge position * Closed cucarachas into pivots * Rondé and back into sweetheart * Swivels in sweetheart position * Syncopated outside roll to facing position Part 4 * Open break, spin whip to right–right hold * Syncopated finger turn to rondé and 1/2 spiral underarm * Shadow paddle turns with quick spin to sweetheart * Lean and outside roll to double rondé * Same foot opposition swivels to cross body release

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