Rumba, American Style – Basic/Intermediate Level


Rumba, American Style – Basic/Intermediate Level by Michael Kiehm Assisted by Janelle Walton This one-hour lesson is clearly explained for beginning dancers and is designed to get you dancing and having fun quickly. Basic timing, footwork, Cuban hip movement, and patterns for this medium to slow romantic Latin dance; includes figures for social and bronze-level competitive dancing. Part 1 * Basic movement, * dance position, * timing, * alternative timing * Box step * Extended box to open break * Lady's under arm paddle turn * Fallaway breaks Part 2 * Cross body lead * Open Cuban walks (Backwards) * Closed cucarachas Part 3 * Promenade twist walks * Outside roll & open break * L-R Peak-a-boo breaks * Forward breaking steps into basic box Part 4 * Open break, inside pick-up & back spot turn w/spin whip ending * R-R open break, lady's under arm turn left toend on man's left side * for man's head loop pick-up * Back cuban walk (Switch lady from left to closed right on 4th basic) Part 5 * Cross hand open break, lady's under arm to Rondé * Man's cut-in with lady's inside roll to man's head loop * Fallaway rock, lady's spiral & left roll to sweetheart swivels * Roll out to open crescendo, roll into lean and flip to layout

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