Nightclub 2-Step Intermediate/Advanced


Nightclub 2-Step Intermediate/Advanced Level by Michael & Dawne Kiehm Running Time: 60 Minutes Part One * Left turning sweetheart, Hip catch * Inside roll to open crescendo, Switch * Roll to spot turn and outside roll ending Part Two * Left turning basic with tandem left roll * Vine to swivel and inside release * Two hand pull to ladies and man's ronde, hook spin Part Three * Pivot to ronde, inside roll to sweetheart * 2 Telle spins * Left turn into right lunge, cross chasse to the left Part Four * Right turning basic, outside roll, Man's flip * Open break, Tandem cross body outside roll * R-R break, lady's ronde, cross body roll Part Five * Eggbeater with lady around the man's right side * Inside roll to two hand ronde and vine * Cross body inside roll to flip-over layout