Nightclub 2-Step – HOT MOVES – Volume 1


Nightclub 2-Step – HOT MOVES – Volume 1 by Michael Kiehm & Brandi Tobias (Northrup) Add elegance to this popular dance; learn more difficult and stylish spin-leads and spin-follows. Part 1 * Two hand release, barrel roll and release the R-L * Double floor sweep rondes and vine traveler * Double spin to closed pick-up position * Open right turn (cross ladies track) * Twist turn to head roll and inside roll 2 times to corte Part 2 * Inside roll to open break, roll with release to shadow ronde * Ladies spin and ronde on one foot, woman around the man * Inside roll across body with separation chasse * Pull spin to closed tellemark and oversway * Pivot to basic position Part 3 * Two hand cross chasses * Two hand pull to ronde, inside pick-up * Slow telle, repeat telle, with kick and leg crawl sway * rock and tuck with two outside rolls * Hip catch and spin, mans ronde pick-up, end w/inside roll Part 4 * Cross body inside roll and hand change to R-R * R-R outside roll overturned to back vine and pot stir spin * R-R roll behind the back * Grapevine with R-R hold, Pull spin to Layout * (Advanced Curl layout option) Nightclub 2-Step – HOT MOVES – Volume 1 Product Code: SL117

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