Nightclub 2-Step – Basic/Intermediate


Nightclub 2-Step – Basic/Intermediate Level by Michael & Dawne Kiehm Running Time: 60 Minutes Character of the Dance Part One * Side Basic * Lady's underarm turn * Open break, push spin * Basic spot turn pick up Part Two * Left turning basic * Left turning basic with inside roll * Two hand break, Sweetheart, Back circle basic * Check, tuck and outside roll * Underarm switch with cross chasse ending Part Three * Right turning basic * Right turning basic with outside roll, end R-R * R-R, cut-in, Back circle basic * L-L inside roll pick-up with head loop Part Four * Left turning basic with R-R high lead to shadow * Paddle turns * turn to Land R man's head loop ending Part Five * Basic triple traveler * Man's posed triple traveler * Outside roll to hip catch and woman around * Outside roll to hip continuous hip checks * Spot turn pick-up with barrel roll ending