Hustle – HOT MOVES – Volume 1


Hustle – HOT MOVES – Volume 1 by Michael Kiehm & Brandi Northrup Instruction for Advanced Dancers – Hot Moves, Steps and Patterns The latest hustle moves from the West and East Coasts that add style and showmanship to what you already know. For Advanced Hustle Dancers. The latest showy and fun advanced patterns seen at competitions and social dances. Students should have experience in the dances because basic technique is not covered. Part 1 * New York Walks * Basic * With separation * With rib check * With vine around Part 2 * Roll to shadow overturned * Outside roll to end in cross hand hold * Flip back with full twist left to ronde * Woman around man and R-R underarm turn to the right * Man's left roll to hammerlock overturned to waist pull spin Part 3 * Basic release to two hand hold * Split lead to shadow, under arm to cross hand hold * Forward pull traveler, lady's back vine and 4 count turn * Three count accelerated wrap (lady's lift knee) * Unwrap to ronde, basic switch with overturned break * Four count roll to hip catch and flip back to waist pull Part 4 * Pop turn from closed position than tuck away to hop catch * Slip under arm, four count from behind the back * Catch hip and repeat, end in open position * Roll to shadow, tandem turn, accelerated spin, reverse wrap * Unwrap into elbow lock pass behind to catch L-R * Four count turn with sweep styling (change hands to R-R) * Four count turn with normal hold * L-R, roll to rib check and rev. to (2x…On 2nd check ladies kick)

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