Hustle – Basic to Intermediate


Hustle – Basic to Intermediate by Michael & Dawne Kiehm 60 Minutes Part One * Basic timing * Dance position * Relase and close * Two hand release to right face loop * Under arm release and basic switch * Cut in with man's head loopLeft turning basic Part Two * Two hand switch with man’s under arm turn to back to back position * Lady's left free spin with simple pick-up and release * Roll to shadow and under arm release * Cross hand basic to “T” spin left Part Three * Under arm release to hip catch * Back left turning basic with waist roll lead * Release and New York walk Part Four * Two hand release and two hand under arm switch on left side * Man's “window” head loop and slice lead to left turn with inside roll * Nine count turn Part Five * Split to shadow and under arm sliding door release * Hand change (illusion slip) to end left under right hold * Shadow twist kick with four count outside roll to rib check * Free spin off the rib to corte