Fox Trot “Introduction to Ballroom Dancing” – (Beginning)


“Introduction to Ballroom Dancing” – Bronze (Beginning) Foxtrot by Michael & Dawne Kiehm 60min Part One (Basic Concepts) * Dance Positions * Timing * Footwork * Rise and Fall * Swing & Sway * Alignment * Amount of Turn Part Two (Sequence One with Progressive Patterns) * Basic Stroll Forward with 1/4 Turn Curve to the Right * Basic Stroll Backward with 1/4 Turn to the Left * Outside Partner 1/4 Turns Left and Right * Promenade Basic Part Three (Sequence Two with Floor Craft Variations) * Promenade Basic with Outside Roll * Promenade Twist * Left Box Turn * Left Box with Ladies Under Arm Turn Part Four (Intro to the Silver (Interm.) Level…..Open Footwork * Pivot from Promenade * Promenade Vine * Cross Body to Open CPP * Open Fallaway Traveler with Spin * Syncopated Outside Roll to Check Develop and Inside Roll

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