Cha Cha “HOT MOVES” – Volume 1


Cha Cha “HOT MOVES” – Volume 1 by Michael Kiehm & Brandi Northrup Instruction for Advanced Dancers – Hot Moves, Steps and Patterns This video covers the latest showy and fun advanced patterns seen at competitions and social dances. Students should have experience in the dances because basic technique is not covered. New patterns and rhythmical variation for this popular, highly useful nightclub and ballroom dance. Part 1 * Open break, * back spot turn with outside roll to hip catch, * open break with hand on hip, * inside pick up and swivel, * syncopated vine and cross body release Part 2 * Yo Yo wrap and unwrap with rondé, * woman around man, * double roll to shadow, * back circle basic, * shadow break quick cross body to hip catch, * pull spin, * forward spot turn (natural top) to aida break Part 3 * Basic break, * syncopated cross body spin to closed chassé, * Opening out and quick wrap and 1/2 unwrap, * outside roll to vine and barrel roll off the back Part 4 * Open break, * back lock to forearm spin, * right to right roll to shadow for woman around man, * inside roll to cross over with knee up, * catch in closed for open out and left turning basics with syncopations Part 5 * Two hand, toe in-out swivels, * cross body with man's roll in, * cross over off the mans rib, * wrist roll hand pick-up for cross body exit

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