Bolero – Intermediate/Advanced Level


Bolero – Intermediate/Advanced Level by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) Michael's favorite figures and styling. This one-hour lessons clearly explains for dancers of Intermediate to Advanced level and covers patterns that everyone finds easy and memorable with more emphasis on technique, leading, following, and styling. These videos are perfect for students (and teachers) who wish to build (or teach) solid technical foundations. Michael's favorite figures and styling; techniques for leading/following and establishing a connection; showing off the woman with flair and confidence. Part 1 * Left turning basic, cross body to 2-hand hold * 2-hand criss/cross swivels and lunge * Syncopated double spin & double walk-around Part 2 * Open break, twist spin & Cross body * Man's spiral to neck wrap cross over * Cross body lead to cross over position Part 3 * Open break, 1/2 spiral pick-up * Swivel into closed position & rondé * Woman around man, double spin ending Part 4 * Cross hand open break, pull thru to shadow * Shadow fencing breaks, slip to closed, * Three steps to rope spin & barrel roll Part 5 * R-R open break, spiral to head loop * walk to pivot & shape for 2 telle spins * Basic cross body release

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