Bolero – Hot Moves 1


Bolero – Hot Moves 1 by Michael Kiehm & Brandi tobias (Northrup) The latest showy and fun advanced patterns seen at competitions and social dances. Students should have experience in the dances because basic technique is not covered. Part 1 * Open break * Lady's underam walk around turn * Cross hand open out w/mans quick spiral to hammerlock * syncopated cross body to fening position * Criss cross * Fencing check and right roll to side slide Part 2 * Left turning basic * release to right to right open break * Spiral to head loop pick-up * Close to syncopated pivot * Rondé to quick spin and sit break * closed spiral Part 3 * Left turning telle spin * Cross body & hand change * Right to right sit break w/rondé & flip turn * shadow lean * Left shadow roll to layout * Free spin release Part 4 * Cross over * Lady's underarm to double rope spin * Lady around man * R-R cross body syncopated * left tandom roll to layout * CPP walk to swivels off the hip

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