Bolero – Basic/Intermediate Level


Bolero – Basic/Intermediate Level by Michael Kiehm and Brandi Tobias (Northrup) This one-hour lessons is clearly explained for beginning to intermediate dancers. It is designed to get you dancing and having fun quickly. Part 1 * Basics of the dance o Rise and fall o styling o footwork o connection * Basic side….. * Cross over basic….. * cross over swivels * Ladies under arm walk around turn Part 2 * Open break, ladies under arm turn * Open break, open twist basic * Curved cross body lead * Right to right open break 1/2 under arm & reverse * Right to right open break under arm walkaround turn * Cross hand opening out with swivels * Cross body * Head loop pick up to butterfly breaks Part 4 * Cross over to ladies under arm w/2hand opening out * Spiral to woman around the man & snap to face man * Syncopated left spin to cuddle (release hands) * Shadow walks left and right, cross body release

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